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Santa just delivered a Sonos

(Daniel Consuegra) #22

I tried it after you suggested it but I can’t see where to select the wanted mp3… :anguished:


Can I ask what you’re using to control Sonos from the Echo?

(Micheal ) #24

An app I wrote: [RELEASE] Alexa Helper

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(Daniel Consuegra) #25

Hey @MichaelS !!!

TTS is back!! (But that’s old news right?)

I just reinstalled the talking alarm and I can’t seem to be able to configure a Country music station after the weather report… Says no devices to connect…


PS: I’m so happy I just lost all sleepy sensation!! Lol!

(Micheal ) #26

Getting the music to show up on the list is a bit tedious:

First, go into the Sonos app and play the music you want.
Go into SmartThings and go to the Sonos Connect app…click refresh until the music appears in the list at the bottom
Stop the music and now it should appear in the app…

This is a SmartThings issue with Sonos…

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(Daniel Consuegra) #27

Damn! I can get a song to show up, but not a station from TuneIn radio…

(Micheal ) #28

Yeah…the music piece is considered “labs” by SmartThings…I would open a ticket with support to let them know this is affecting you.

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