Text-to-Speech is back!

Hey fellow community folks!

This is a short and simple announcement to let you know that Text-to-Speech is back! We have switched services to a more reliable service and we are confident this is a permanent fix!

You can find the normal Text-to-Speech apps in the “Music and Sounds” section in the marketplace.

We thank you for your patience while we got this right. Especially @MichaelS who has been waiting for his Talking Alarm Clock App to work. (You should really check that app out, it’s awesome!)

Time to celebrate!


Awesome! Not to rain on your parade, but we realized this yesterday :smile:

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Autocorrect got your subject, I think… =)

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Tested it this morning and it is working great! Are there any new parameters we can use with it…I notice the voice is slightly different, which I hope means it is configurable!!!

Let me know know @slagle


Huzzah! TTS in exchange for Live Logging!


I’ve already made a plea for this on slack, @slagle 's ignoring me again :cry:

BTW, are you guys going to clear out the old cruft? (any previously rendered TTS is still in the mp3 playback cache)

Let’s Make a Deal, 2016 style!

So… which one of our developer advocates is Monty Hall?

that’s a trick question, none of the above…

…so you’re saying you’ll take what’s in the box?

yup, it’s the same mystery we face every day here no? :grinning:

Working here. Thanks for the heads up.

Hey, hey…these are two unrelated problems, Let’s cut him some slack, he worked hard on this. BTW Tim @slagle are the routines fixed now too :smiley: :smile:

This is great news! I am going to buy a sonos play 1 tomorrow. I was wondering if there is any way to change the voice from american english to british english?


Okay, I’ve searched the forums and can’t find it. Didn’t want to hijack the thread, but there is a #slack group? Can someone share the info???

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With TTS working with my setup, I personally can say that recent system issues seem even less annoying, for me anyways.

Thank you SmartThings!:grinning:

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Info regarding this has been brought up in the last two developers meetings.

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It is working for me as well. However I am seeing a lot entries that start with “index:03, mac:” OR “index:04, mac:” in the event list. That is the mac address of my Sonos. I have live logging running and everything seems good tonight over the past several months. Is this normal? And Sonos has been at idle for several hours. Thanks!

@slagle thanks for the new releases.