Smartthings Water leak sensor starts tripping repeatedly

I purchased the ST water leak sensor below. It worked fine for a few week then started flipping out - it would send alerts for wet/dry every couple seconds, just going back and forth. I removed the battery to try to reset it and put it back. The same thing happened - a few weeks of working properly then started the constant alerts until I pulled the battery again.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Or have an idea for a solution? Is it possibly a low battery? I didn’t use it very long so it seemed unlikely. I don’t have spare CR2s to test so hoping to get a better idea if that might be the problem before ordering more.


I have one that misbehaved when I first tested it out. Constantly showed as Wet. I removed it from SmartThings and readded it and now it seems to work fine. No problems since. If that doesn’t work, maybe yours is defective?

Thanks @Zymeth ! I tried your solution and so far it has been behaving properly.

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Glad it worked!