Samsung Washing Machine (WW90T554DAW/S1) cannot find WiFi



We recently bought a washing machine and it connected to the Nest WiFi for at least two weeks. But a few days ago I noticed that it wasn’t connecting to the Nest WiFi anymore. I tried to reconnect it to the same WiFi but it wasn’t coming up on the list anymore. Although, I was able to connect the washing machine to an old BT router.

Can anyone please help me?

The washing machine is: SAMSUNG Series 5+ AddWash WW90T554DAW/S1

I don’t know if this can help:

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Hey there! @PumpkenPie, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: ,I’d be happy to take a look into your concerns.

For your specific model, is the Display’s Wi-Fi indicator showing illuminated? Additionally, have you ensured that your washing machine is connected to a 2.4 GHz band network?

If the symptom persists after trying to turn on and connect to Wi-Fi Network, you could also attempt a Factory reset which will turn the Washer’s Wi-Fi off, allowing for you to reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings.

Keep me posted on your outcome!

I hope this message finds you well!


Hi @SamsungZell, Thank you for your response!

I have just performed a Factory Reset on the washing machine and tried to connect it to the WiFi again. Although the problem is still there.

The WiFi I am trying to connect the washer to is “SALONGCONG.HOME” (Nest WiFi) which can be seen here:

But when I tried to connect the washing machine to the WiFi it only shows these options:

I can’t tell if the washing machine is connecting to the 2.4 GHz band on the main network as it is combined with the 5 GHz band and Nest WiFi does not let me separate the two:

I can confirm that the WiFi on the washing machine is functional as I am able to connect it to “SALONGCONG.HOME-Test” (old BT router which is connected to the Nest WiFi):

I don’t know if it’ll help but here is additional information about the Test network:

Sorry for the spam, It won’t let me post all attachments in one post.

Thank you for providing that information, I completely understand your frustration with it connecting previously and now not showing as an available option. If restarting the router doesn’t allow your Nest Wifi to populate in the available networks, I would recommend reaching out and creating a support ticket with the Product Support team in your area for further assistance with looking into your concerns using the below information as your device is an international model:

UK support 0333 0000333

I hope this message finds you well!


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Thank your for your response @SamsungZell :slight_smile:

I will try to contact the Product Support.

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