Samsung Unpacked (February 2020)

Act surprised if they talk about Bixby speakers :slight_smile: Watch the event live…

Last year’s fall unpacked event

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Blah blah blah, get to the IoT stuff :slight_smile:

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The convergence of 5G + AI + IOT is here! They can skip forward to IOT, already…

SmartThings was mentioned before the new camera, that is great achievement LOL…


First SmartThings name drop of the event!


First and only it seems…

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Yeah unpacked is typically about the new phones and the S20 is a big launch item.


I wanted to details about Bixby. I read this morning that it’s being offered in South Korea with a20 purchases but I want yo see it released here.

@jody.albritton I hope you can add controls for daikin units to Bixby

@all4dom are you talking about the Galaxy Home speaker that just launched in Korea?

Yes. I gave a gift card I kept specially for that purchase

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