Samsung Galaxy Home speaker with Bixby


Hey, Alexa, I mean Goigle, I mean Siri, oh hell, I mean Bixby, can one of you switch those lights, my hands are full. Sorry, I didn’t get that!


Hey Siri, tell Google to ask Alexa to turn Bixby off. :smiley:


Ouch! :nauseated_face:

Reason #427 to never make assumptions about what features a device/service will have until it’s actually available to ship.


Maybe they just need to stick with Invoke, why Sami keeps competing with itself is beyond me…

“A significant level of joint research and development of the device is underway,” Paliwal told The Korea Herald. “The Samsung speaker will have a better AI platform than Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. What we are going to launch will be a whole new ecosystem,” he said. “It will be a platform that will be able to connect all devices and home appliances.”

Looks like this will be a new smartthings hub, too

Thought I should update this. Demo of the actual Bixby Smart Speaker by MKBHD!!!

EDIT: Forgot to add APRIL FOOLS (a day late lol)

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If it’s going to be a multiple device event, I wonder if that’s when we’ll see the new SmartThings hub and devices.

Should be interesting to see if it has zigbee and zwave radios to act as a hub

The Home can act as a hub for SmartThings and control any smart home gadgets compatible with that platform by voice.

it passed Zigbee certification forever ago, so good to hear they plan to enable that at launch