Samsung reportedly opening up Bixby to third-party skills


hasn’t that always been the plan? Or did I just assume that since Echo and Google Assistant work this way?

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Most of the voice assistants have developer kits to provide skills it was only investable for Samsung to bring them to Bixby. The question is with the field being crowded already what will make Bixby more used? Amazon and Google has got their in home speakers and large user pools already.

  • Alexa-Amazon
  • Cortana-Microsoft
  • Google-Google
  • Siri-Apple

Samsung is the #1 seller of smartphones in the world; as well as a top seller of TVs and other household appliances, … and the top DIY consumer “smart home platform” (duh… SmartThings).

That’s what could make Bixby a success. If Samsung doesn’t eff it up.


I think that Samsung will elf it up. I like Samsung phone but don’t like how they try to force you to try to use all there app etc. Just my 2 cents.