Samsung UK plug hardware crashes/glitches - (GP-WOU019BBDWG)

Hello all,

This is a strange one that I can’t find any info on, so I’m seeking any feedback or experiences people may have here.

I own 7 of the UK Samsung SmartThings plugs (model number GP-WOU019BBDWG). I use these on a number of outlets to not only control the outlet but compile current power usage and energy usage over time all logged into an InfluxDB for graphing with Grafana.

I’ve now had two different plugs exhibit strange behaviour:

  • One simply reset it’s energy counter to zero one day without any changes to it’s circumstances or external input. No reset requested, nothing. It just went from 110.59 kWh to 0 and started again. I just assumed that there might be an upper limit to the kWh it could record and then just wrapped. Though 110.59 seems like an odd value. I don’t have another that is even close to that kWh figure yet so I can’t test it and I’m not prepared to run a heater off one permanently just to check :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Today, another just reset itself completely, like a hard reset. I know what it did because I was sitting at a PC that was connected to it that powered off :smiley: Just a click of the outlet relay (like a power cycle), but also, it has reset the kWh back to 0. This one had only reached 44.87 kWh though.

So lesson learned - don’t power anything you really need to stay powered on through one of these things. The PC that was power cycled is also the PC that hosts InfluxDB and Grafana :smiley: Doh!

I thought I’d share the experience and wondered if anyone else had had similar with the Samsung outlets. I bought the Samsungs as I assumed they would be more reliable and trustworthy than cheaper (much cheaper…sigh) alternatives.


Update: I’ve checked the hub logs and the reset I experienced today appears to coincide with a ‘configure’ command being sent to the outlet. It’s not clear though what device issued that command though. I have webCoRE, Home Assistant, ActionTiles and Alexa integrated with my SmartThings so anything could have sent the command. Certainly the outlet did try an unsecure rejoin to the network which suggests a full reset. It did re-join OK eventually though with no intervention.

All a little strange. :ghost: