Samsung TVs now appearing in Add a Thing in UK

Excellent stuff, can you get Smartthings notifications on your TV screen?

For the notifications, I haven’t figure how to for now. But when I was connecting the TV a black like with message and button to allow the connection to the hub appeared. This is consistent with the way notifications were displayed in the demo video and CES. Now I just need to find out how I can send a notification to the TV, perhaps via CoRE…

If anyone had any idea ??? Suggestions welcomed…

At least it’s a (big) step in the right direction…

Where abouts are you seeing this?

I can’t even get this far… I think it only supports the K series TV’s

when you go to your HUB page in IDE and click List Events

I will try notification to the TV via CoRE… sounds promising!

It seems to work, see link below

It seems that this is only available on K(KS/KU) 2016 for series 6,7,8,9.

Well, I can perfectly control kodi through Smartthings (there’s a specific thread on that) and I will search for some IFTTT services which might run on my Samsung Smart TV. I am just not very hopeful because the J-series doesn’t run a very flexible operating system, hence apps availability is reduced. Thanks for the swift reply.

I can’t link the TV to ST… I’ve tried everything… Even unplugging the TV, Router and hub as instructed by Support… What can I try?

In order to link your TV with SmartThings, the model of TV has to start with XXKU for example.

Samsung 55KU6402
Samsung 49KU6402
Samsung 40KU6402
Samsung 32KU6402

The number 32/40/49/55 etc in the front of the model represents the number of inches.

sh*t… so no KS8000 like it was advertised in the past?

From what I know, for the moment, the KS series “works” only in America and only with an extra USB dongle. With that dongle the TV became a SmartThings hub.
So you can not link a TV from KS model directly to a ST hub.

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f#ck, f#ck, f#ck, f#ck… I bought this TV specifically because ST told me… but I live in Spain! Not USA…

Go quick the TV back and buy a KU model.

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LOL! I’d do it… if I had a time machine and go back to 11.5 months ago!

Then sell it and buy a KU… :wink:
(sorry man.)

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How does it work? is it wifi? is it zigbee? does it need a smartthings hub in the same network?

The ST Extend did work on the KS TVs. I know as I had it working.
Then Samsung updated the firmware to stop it working. And another kick in the goolies,
is that ST and Samsung has stopped the smartthings hub from seeing the TV and vice versa.

I’m in the UK by the way.

How does it work? is it wifi? is it zigbee? does it need a smartthings hub in the same network?

I read that a KS TV + SmartThings Link is a SmartThings hub replacemanent. So, also ZigBee and Z-Wave. But Z-Wave is on another frequences in America.

In your place I’ll sell that TV and buy a KU one.

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According to support, they confirmed this is broken currently when I contacted them.

Thanks for reaching out and we apologize for the delayed response! I 'm sorry to hear about your TV not discovering; it is definitely a compatible model.

Unfortunately, after a recent firmware update, these TVs have not been discovering. We are aware of the issue and are working on a resolution. At this time there is not a definite timeline. If you would like, I can keep an eye on this and follow up when we have a resolution, please just let us know.

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Well they said to me they done a fix just after the update. And that was supposed to sort it out. But it never did.

The UK firmware dept doesn’t know if there will be a fix.
Samsung are not saying a word about this.
In other words…Don’t say a thing and hope they go away.