Samsung TV Q70A Bluetooth pairing crash with sony headset wh-1000xm4 using SmartThings

Hi, for more then a month now, I can no longer pair my Bluetooth headset Sony wh-1000xm4 with my Samsung TV Q70A. I was using the headset nearly daily even though it was not perfect, it was working.

Now, each time I try to pair with the TV, I select the device, and it starts the pairing process just when I think it is working; the pairing crash on the Sony and the device is no longer paired.
Note: Also posted in Samsung community (see this post), but posting here since support is doing push back I don’t have any descent official reply or answers. FYI, we are now at least 10 confirm users having the same problem.


  • Open the TV, go to SmartThing’s quick menu, and I can see wh-1000xm4
  • I hold the pairing button on the Sony until I hear ‘bluetooth paring’
  • On TV (SmartThing’s quick menu), I select the wh-1000xm4
  • I see the TV writing connecting, then connected
  • In the Sony headset, I hear ‘Bluetooth pair…’. and then crash
  • The crash seems to be the voice staled at the end of the word paring saying ‘ingggggggggggg’

The sony works well on other devices like computers (windows, mac) or bose speakers and phones (android, iPhone), so I guess something changes on the TV.

Please, I know SmartThing is a different department, but please be smart and forward it internally not to make me waste my time

I have found a workaround, it is not working 100% of the time but often:

  • Hold the power button of the TV remote so it close and also restart while still pressing the button
  • Pair the headset right away
  • Open Netflix after
  • I was able to pair it 3 times yet this way.

(31 Dec): I asked Samsung to escalate the issue to the developer so they can look into it, but before that, they told me since the problem is just with the Sony headset, then the TV is working as per specifications. Also, I escalated to Sony support, and they are saying the same thing (with the exact same word lol). So I hoped a dev will find something, else I have little faith they will fix this since both companies are saying it’s not their device that is the problem.

In conclusion, if you also encounter the problem, please escalate it to Samsung support; the more users report it, the more it will get attention!!!

Finaly, they have fixed that in Samsung TV firmware 2130.8 after 8 months! :clap:

I have the same problem now and No solution for the issue so far, it was working for a while but now for some days already no connection possible.

I have this exact issue, with Samsung Q60A TV :slightly_frowning_face:

Solved this by exchanging the Sony headphones for Bose ones that work perfectly.

I confirm the problem is back in 2141.2.

Note: Don’t count on a fix and buy another brand. I got the Sennheiser Momentum 4, and they are working fine.