Samsung UE48JS9000?

Hi All,
New to the whole smart Home thing but getting very hooked very quickly!
I have on order a smartthings starter kit and have been looking at things I can do. I’ve seen on the Smartthings website that you can control 2016 UHD Samsung TVs with smartthings. I was wondering if there is a way of controlling a 2015 series 9 SUHD Samsung TV? I suspect the answer to be no seeing as Samsung have a habit of back tracking with their promises!
If the answer is no, I’ve been looking at replacing the tv anyway but I’m concerned that smartthings website says series 6 and above KU and KS TVs are compatible but doesn’t mention the new MU range. Surely they haven’t removed the feature?

I have the exact same TV and I fear we are in the cold. However, there is a 2015 Samsung TV DTH added to the ST drop-down box. Hmmmm

Hi Dave,
I’m not getting my smartthings kit till tomorrow so still a bit stupid with these things. What do you mean by Samsung TV DTH?
I’m annoyed with Samsung. I bought the TV because of their promises of the evolution upgrades which I had hoped would introduce features like this but they have completely lied to owners of these TVs.
I know I could do what I’m trying to achieve with a harmony hub but I’m trying to keep different bits of kit to a minimum. I’m running out of sockets in my house!

DHT - Device Type Handler. The code that interprets the raw data from the TV and makes it programmer (Groovy) friendly.
I too have the Sammy brain box that was supposed to allow upgrades without changing TV’s but that looks like it will never happen or it will be 1/2 the price of a new TV :frowning:

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the explanation. Got my smartthings kit now and have had a good ply around with it.

Sorry for the stupid questions, I’m new to all of this and trying to learn. I’m assuming a device type handler is a code stored on the smartthings that allows it to communicate with that particular device?