Samsung SNH-V6410PN

Has anyone tried this camera with smartthings?

I haven’t but then it’s not on the list of cameras supported by ST. The only one that I have tried and IS supported is the SNH-P6410BN and it works very well albeit with a slightly reduced feature set from the native app.

Don’t buy the camera you are referring to thinking it will work with ST, it won’t or at best it’ll be flaky with zero support.

Here’s the official list:

I have this camera and it’s pretty awesome. However I don’t understand why Samsung/smartthings can’t get their act together and support this camera. You would think Samsung would want to integrate all its connected things.

Just purchased this cam at Costco! I can’t believe a Samsung Camera is is not compatable with a Samsung hub, but yet a Netgear Arlo works fine! Makes you wonder about the companies! I guess I will be returning it and finding one that does work!