Samsung Camera SNH-1011 Compaitibility

Has anyone been able to successfully connect their SNH-1011 camera to Smartthings? I have the Smartthings app as well as the Smartcam app, and both work fine, but I’d like to add in the viewing and capturing of photos/videos into the Smartthings app for the camera. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

No, this camera is not compatible with SmartThings at this time.

I use two of these cameras with SmartThings and they generally work fine for photos. As @Tyler mentioned, ST does not support this on the V2 hub for live video streaming. I still use the Samsung SmartCam app for live video.

Check out Samsung SmartCam: SNH-P6410BN, SNH-E6440BN and SNH-1011ND (+WWW Digest auth) (tested and working) for a community developed device type.

I have one of my cameras set to take photos when the doorbell rings and the other when motion is detected. For the photo’s, I use the photo burst smart app from the market place.

I have been prompted to update firmware on my 1011 in the last month or so, and I have not. If you have updated, there is a possibility that the access required by the custom device type has been turned off.

If you can’t get it working, please feel free to ask questions.

Hi Aaron,

I am also struggling with the SNH-1011. I have 3 I want to recycle in ST usage and also because I am new and want to experiment. So far, I reused the code provided by @pstuart and just like I did to use these cams on my NAS, I planned to access them through rtsp.
If you take @pstuart published code, it normally means only replacing the lines in the start() method with (hardcoded here):

def dataLiveVideo = [
OutHomeURL :“rtsp://admin:yourpwd@yourCamIPaddressOnYourLocalNetwork:554/profile5/media.smp”,
InHomeURL: “rtsp://admin:yourpwd@yourCamIPaddressOnYourLocalNetwork:554/profile5/media.smp”,
ThumbnailURL: “”,
cookie : [key: “key”, value: “value”]

In my case my Cam is on so it’s something like

def dataLiveVideo = [
OutHomeURL :“rtsp://admin:mypwd@”,
InHomeURL: “rtsp://admin:mypwd@”,
ThumbnailURL: “”,
cookie : [key: “key”, value: “value”]

I create a Device based on this DeviceHandler, it displays the player, but once I start the streaming, everything turns green, it’s said “Live” at the top right of the player, no issue in the live logs (I mean: not more than @pstuart example in his youtube) but the videoplayer remains black screen. I can stop the streaming and start it again but still no stream shows up.

I validated other streams with same H264 can be displayed in this device, I validate my URL works fine in VLC.

I am stuck now. The debug capabilities of the video player or the stream management are not clear to me.

So if anyone here can give me a clue, I’d be happy to share a SNH-1011 solution with it.


Just getting started with ST. I have a 1011 that was used as baby monitor years ago. Would like to have it capture a photo burst each time my back door is unlocked (Schlage Century).

Have tried @greko6 and @pstuart handlers with no luck:

The greko6 handler will not capture a photo when I select “Take”

The pstuart handler displays the player but when I select play it states “connecting” for some time before reporting “camera unavailable”.

Problem may be that my 1011 firmware is fully up to date (2.13_160701)

Do you have any advice?

I have not updated my firmware yet. Can you get a picture in a browser when you use the same URL you use when setting up the device type? If you can, then @greko6 's code should work. If not, there’s probably not much you can with the ST handlers.

I (think I) posted some code that fixed a small issue with the picture file name that was caused by a change in the ST platform.

And even with all that, I don’t get a picture 100% of the time. The ST platform seems to be very sensitive to timing and if the picture taking and uploading takes too long, the picture won’t show up.

Nevertheless, my system is still working most of the time…