Samsung SNH-P6410bn problem the service is no longer supported for this model

Samsung SNH-P6410bn i have problem in my mobile apps its show the service is no longer supported for this model what should i do?

Did you try this?

If that doesn’t work I recommend a matter compatible camera, which should be available soon.

I’d be very surprised to see any matter compatible cameras before 2025.

The matter standard doesn’t yet have a definition for camera functions. I think we probably will see that this year, but since the standard is only updated twice a year, it might come in the spring, but I think more likely in the fall.

But that’s just the specifications. Manufacturers then have to take that specifications and decide how and if they are going to implement it in their own devices. It’s quite likely that the first versions will have only limited functionality, maybe on/off and live streaming. But none of the fancy stuff like zones, or even necessarily motion detection reporting.

so that’s why I think “soon” is optimistic. Having, say, a matter-compatible aqara or Tapo camera with zones and motion detection reporting probably won’t happen until 2025. But we’ll see.

for now, at least we can definitively say that there are no matter-compatible cameras yet and no specific models have a firm timeline release date yet. :man_shrugging:t2: