Samsung SNH-P6410BMR SmartCam

Does anybody know if there is any difference between the P6410BN and P6410BMR as far as ST integration ? My simple mind is thinking N=New and MR= Manufacturer Refurbished.

Woot has them on sale , but I don’t want to waste money on another camera I can’t integrate into ST. I already have enough of those LOL I’d rather just soend the extra $50 for Nest/Dropcam/Canary

I wouldn’t get either… I have them and the only integration is into the default shm app which you now have to pay monthly for… there is no working device type for takeing a picture etc. that you can use in any random smartapp… ie camera capability is not supported.

I was thinking more for motion detection/ presence sensor integration. I don’t care about actual video in ST

neither have motion sensing integrated…

Just wondering if you ever got a good answer to this. I was looking at buying a P6410BMR as well.