Samsung SNH-P6410BMR SmartCam HD Pro Full HD 1080p Wi-Fi Camera (Manufacturer Refurbished) - $99.99 for Prime Members

(nyczducky) #1

Only for Prime members. $99.99 for a manufacturer refurbished Samsung camera.

Samsung SNH-P6410BMR SmartCam Amazon Prime Sale

(JD) #2

SOLTECHSECURITY ebay store accepts best offer.
I have been picking them up for less than 99.99


Is it ST compatable? The ST website says the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro Camera (SNH-P6410BN) is compatable not the BMR

(Gabe) #4

I am going to guess that the N stands for New and the MR stands for Manufacturer Refurbished, so they are probably the exact same camera.

(nyczducky) #5

Reviewers have confirmed it works and integrates with Smartthings.

(nyczducky) #6

How much cheaper than $99.99? I personally just bought it from Amazon because of free next day shipping for me.

(JD) #7

They accepted my 1st offer of $95 a few weeks ago with free shipping. (Earned eBay bucks)
Then I submitted a best offer of $270 for a 3 pack but they countered with $290 which I declined because their website lists them for $275 ($91.66 each)

Their best deal is a 4 pack for $350 ($87.50 each)