Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router Options

Im looking a mesh wifi solution in my home. Has anyone implemented this that would recommend this solution over others and\or Google’s mesh?


Do you mean as a slave, extender or a mesh system with multiple access points?

Your choice of ‘subject’ is what makes your question a little confusing…

Are you looking at JUST a Wi-Fi mesh networking system? Start reading reviews online for Google’s, Netgear’s, Asus’s, etc…

Or, are you asking specifically about Samsung/SmartThings’ Hub/Wi-Fi mesh networking system?

Here is Samsung/SmartThings’ solution which acts as both a SmartThings Hub and a whole home Wi-Fi mesh networking system. The nice thing about it is that it actually uses the extra nodes as Zigbee/Z-Wave repeaters.

Sorry, yes my subject is bad and not clear.

Im looking to setup a Mesh solution in my home and bc im a ST user, Im thinking about getting the

My question is can others on here that use this solution say if they are happy with this and if it works well in general? Because this is new, there are limited reviews verse Google’s that has almost 5,000 reviews at 4.5 stars.

If you are an existing ST user, you already have a hub, correct? Which model/version of the ST Hub do you have already?

Switching to the Samsung WiFi/Hub solution will require you to completely start over on your SmartThings configuration. You will have to un-pair and re-pair every device from your old hub to the new one, as well as recreate every automation, notification, webCoRE piston, etc…

Changing just your existing router over to a Google Mesh solution (or similar) should be fairly simple, as long as you use the exact same WiFi SSID name and password as your current router.

Personally, I prefer to keep separate devices for my HA Hubs and my home network. But everyone is different. As @JDRoberts likes to say, “Options are good!”

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If your main router isn’t dated… I would add an access point that has a mesh type hand-off if you have cat5 ran to the area you are trying to. If you don’t have cat5 ran there I would add a mesh extender. The make some now that have will do tri-band on any tri-band router such as the netgear X6S.

However Im sure that the Samsung meshing wifi with ST is as good as or better than google mesh. Keep in mind both the mesh networks you are looking at are both dual band (5/2.4). Google mesh is AC1200 and Samsung mesh is AC1300. Both you can only attach 5 devices total each access point… so 15 devices on either set up. So if you don’t have many devices, not doing any gaming, wifi cameras and you just want wifi…. maybe this will work for you. Just keep in mind just about every $100 dual wifi router you can connect 64 devices and be 2x as fast.