New to SmartThings and have some questions about Samsung WiFi hubs

I’m new to SmartThings. My last house had MobiLinc.

In our new home I want to install the Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router Range Extender SmartThings Hub Functionality Whole-Home WiFi Coverage - Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cloud to Cloud Protocols - White (3 Pack). Then if needed, I want to add 1 of the Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation [GP-U999SJVLGDA]. Am I on the right track so far? Will the three pack work with the single item I’m planning to purchase?

Once this is installed, I’m planning on adding light switches, fan controllers and thermostats etc.

On Black Friday, am I better off purchasing from SmartThings directly, Amazon or is there another site for deals?

Welcome! :sunglasses: We have a deals section here in the forum and members do a good job of keeping it up-to-date:

@jkp has been doing an excellent job this year of keeping a running thread with 2018 black Friday deals so you can compare ( this is a clickable link) :

That configuration doesn’t work. The smartthings Wi-Fi mesh routers use special firmware and hardware, so the only thing you can add to the mesh is other hubs from that model line. You can have up to 32 “sub hubs” and one master hub in the mesh:

But the 2018 hub is a different model line. It does connect via Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t join the Wi-Fi mesh so it becomes a separate “location” in smartthings terminology.

Only the models that say they have “plume technology“ can join the Wi-Fi mesh from the 3 pack you mentioned.

So if you want to have a WiFi mesh with 4 hubs total, Buy the three pack and the one pack of the “smartthings WiFi” models.

Is there a model number or a link for the correct hub? That being the fourth hub?

I gave the link to the one pack in my post above. Here it is again.

Thanks, we’re traveling and I saw the link on my iPhone after I replyed.

Does this look better?

Before we go any further, since you mentioned Mobilink We should say that most of the newer “US” models only work in North America while the “UK” models only work in the UK.

There have been some people who bought them to try to use them in other countries, and because of the cloud-based component they were not able to activate their systems. :disappointed_relieved:

The old house in CA with the MobiLinc. The new house is in TX. I have no plans of trying to intermix the two solutions.

The image I sent with the devices I am planning on purchasing are correct?


Please excuse any typos and the brevity of this message as it is being sent from my iPhone.

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Can’t tell from just the pictures, I would need to see the model numbers.

Thanks for the upgrade.

OK, yes, those 4 should all work together. :sunglasses:

One more question for now…we have an area outside the house about 60ft away from the house. Does Smart Things have a compatible device for outdoors?

You mean a hub? No, all the hubs are spec’d for indoors only. But 60’ should be within range for WiFi at least, and probably for zwave plus except on rainy days.

Thanks. Now I’m trying to find the best deals either on Black Friday or Cyber Monday for the devices I’m looking to purchase.

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