Samsung 3G SmartThings Hub vs Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router

Hello Everyone…

Total DIY remodel and starting my home automation install from scratch. Nothing installed yet from the cable company for Internet or Wifi. I can run piped hard-wire from a central demarc to four locations throughout the house. I’ve got a neutral wire in every switch box. Approx 1500 sq ft. We use Android phones.

Should I start with the 3G Hub or one Wifi Mesh Router with the built-in SmartThings Hub?


3G as in third generation? If so,depends on your needs. Are you also looking for a whole home mesh WiFi solution?

Yes, 3rd Generation. This one:

Concerning the whole home mesh Wifi, not sure what I should do. It sounds like a good idea but our place isn’t very big and I don’t anticipate any issues with a conventional wireless setup. I wasn’t even aware such a thing existed until I saw this other option for the hub on the SmartThings product page.

Imo as IoT device come more prevalent, you should consider investing in some kind of mesh WiFi. Whether that unit is the same as your home automation hub has its pros and cons.

I love my Wi-Fi mesh system, Google Wi-Fi in my case, and would certainly recommend mesh, though this can be expend. If you can position these so that they use the hard wired backhaul to your router, you should have a solid foundation for your automation system whilst minimising Wi-Fi congestion.