Samsung SmartThings Power Outlet UK, down to £31.99 from £44.99 @AmazonUK

Samsung SmartThings Power Outlet UK plug is down to cheapest ever price of £31.99.

Great piece of kit at heavy discount.

I have some concerns about the safety of the SmartThings power outlets
Unless I need it for zigbee repeating then I prefer these:

Only £19:99 at the moment
Good, solid & reliable

What concerns do you have. Please share.

There are a few that have burnt out within the power limits

I myself, have one which has burn contacts which had only a 5amp load on it
The build quality doesn’t seem to be consistant

Enough said. Cancelled my order. Thank you.

Ordered the FOXX switch which seems to be at all time low as well.

Not heard about the burn outs on the outlets.
I’ll have to check mine :frowning:
Then linked plugs look Good though shame about not repeating zigbee I have a few zigbee devices now.

I have a couple of the SmartThings outlets that I just use for repeating now
Even use one of the burnt out ones as it still repeats
I have not had a single problem with the Foxx ones even with a high load

Used the Foxx outlet since last week. Its working really great. I should have got myself a few of those while it was cheap.

Maplins still have them at a good price

I got a couple delivered quickly

Foxx Project Smart Switch seem to be unavailable everywhere now, i called Maplins and they said they will be discontinuing them! :expressionless:

Anybody have any recommendations on where else to buy them, or if not, an equal alternative?

After reading about about the ST outlets im a bit scared to continue running my 2Kw heaters on them…

Unfortunately, Maplins no longer have them.
You can still buy them elsewhere e.g. Amazon but at a higher cost (currently around £40)
Still cheaper and MUCH better/safer than the ST devices

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Damn. They’re currently not available on Amazon - maybe have just run out of stock momentarily (in the UK at least).