Half Price Samsung SmartThings Smart Plugs Zigbee (UK)

Hey guys,
Found a code for 50% off Smart Plugs in UK. Just use code “PLUG” on www.samsung.com/uk/sensors-plug/smartthings-smartplug-gpwou019bb/buy

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Thank you very much. I was desperately waiting for IKEA to open as I needed a plug, just ordered one of these, good value :slight_smile:


This offer just got even better as I have just managed to check out with 5 plugs in my basket so looks like they increased the max qty you can get per purchase.

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Just after I bought my last one…I had to order 3 separately…which meant I had to open 3 separate packages with gloves on and all :laughing:

It pops up a banner in the new app. 50% discount, up to 5 pieces.

Its great to see the plug offer still going on and still the cheapest place I have found them to buy…long may this continue lol

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Anyone else noticed that these one’s only work in the cloud yet the older ones work locally?

Hi all…just thought I should highlight this offer is still happening, if anyone wants more SmartThings Plugs