Samsung SmartThings camera and multifunction sensor batteries

Hi everyone,

Real quick one - do the official Samsung SmartThings camera and multifunction sensors have replaceable batteries?

I use a mix of Aeotec multifunction sensors (which include IR camera) and both SmartThings’ IR camera and their multifunction sensor… The Aeotec can be powered by batteries (not included when sold) as well as via USB, whereas the ST ones are purely battery powered (included and fitted when sold).

Kinda wondering if Sammy expect me to replace the whole unit when the inevitable occurs…



Not quite sure what youre talking about here. The only official Smartthings Cameras are purely AC powered…no batteries at all. Care to elaborate?

Sorry Troy, you’re spot on.

I just mean the IR motion sensor, not camera as you rightly point out. On a side note I personally use the Arlo, believe it’s a 3 Pro XL from memory and ismm wireless, batter powered and has SmartThings integration - highly recommend.

Back on topic, yeah, just the ST motion sensor.

Looks much better than the Aeotec multifunction cube, but the cube does the same IR motion sensor, humidity, light levels and some other ticks as well as USB or replaceable batteries.

So, do you know the model number of your ST motion sensor? Im fairly certain all ST sensors have replaceable bateries. The first2 generations used a CR2050 battery and the 3rd used a a larger CR123A battery which looks like a short AA battery

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Yeah, the ST ones are IM6001-MTP02. There’s a small hole (look like for a mic but assume it’s probably the temperature…?) and the word “open” with a small arrow but it doesn’t feel like it wants to move at all… See photo:

Indeed there is a replaceable battery in it - apparently a “CR2” which I must say is a first for me…:

Thanks again for your help.

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Glad you figured it out. BTW, the hole is for the reset button. I was mistaken on the battery size though…the CR123A is a little shorter than the CR2 that you need. Always happy to help.