Massive Device Delay

Is anyone else experiencing massive delays with Smartthings? My Smartthings button should switch on a Z Wave smart plug socket for my workshop dust extraction and has worked all day.

Suddenly, at about 18:40 hours UK time button pushes failed to do anything and there was no history status for the button in the Smartthings App. I pushed, double pushed and pushed again, a few times! It would appear that Smartthings remembered the pushes because as I was eating dinner the dust extraction came on, I switched it off using the app, then 5 mins later it came on again. History for the button showed pushes while I was sat at the dinner table.

Is there an error we know of?


I would always check Samsung Status before any troubleshooting. It has saved me a lot of frustration over the years.


I have, it says all OK.

There are clearly issues though. My automations seem to be working, but device status doesn’t seem to be updating.

For example. My bedroom PIR picked me up walking into the room and turned on all the lights. However, Smartthings app shows the main light as being off…but it is on, I’m looking at it!

All these ST issues are getting beyond a joke.

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