Samsung Smartthings Button with GoControl Linear GD00Z-4 in STSC

I have the GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 ZWave Garage door controller installed and working just fine. I’m using the new hubv3 and the classic app on android. I have a Samsung Smartthings/Smartsense button Smartthings Button that I’d like to control the GD00Z-4 with. I just need it to open or close the garage door. This is so I can extend the garage door opening into the house more without having to run another hard-wired garage door button.

The closest I’ve seen was the ButtonController SmartApp, but the GD00Z-4 doesn’t show up as an item to control, only lights and outlets, etc. There is the garage-door-opener SmartApp, but I can’t key off of the button, only switches.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this easily?

You should be able to do that with a routine. I don’t have a ST Button, but this will get you started in the right direction.

In the Classic app, create a new routine. In “What do you want to happen”, select “Open or close garage doors”.

Select the garage door, then open or close, and Save.

Then in “Automatically perform . . when” select “Button is pushed or help” and select your button.

Since I don’t have one of those buttons, I don’t know if both “pushed” and “held” are exposed. If both are, then you can use pushed to open the door and held to close it, for example. If only “pushed” is exposed, then with this technique, you’ll need two buttons.


Yes, this looks to be the solution. The button has pressed, held, and pressed twice exposed. No other DTH or smartapp needed. I was in the routines before, but didn’t think tue "automatically perform… " would give me the button option.

I have it configured, will test this in the morning.

The garage door relay is just a momentary closure, so there’s no close or open. It sends the same signal so I should be good with just one routine.

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Not quite. The opener knows the state of the door and the open and close signals sent to it are distinct. If it receives and open command and is already open, then it will do nothing. Probably need to have one routine for single press and one for double.

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Yeah looks like you’re right. Even though the actual door opener is only a momentary circuit close switch, the GoControl needs the open or close command.
When I first went into the routines I only had the options for press and held for the button. The press twice wasn’t showing up. I noticed the button was using another DTH when it shouldn’t have. I removed it and reconnected it. I now see the correct options for the button in the routine. I created two routines, one for single press, one for double press to open and close the door respectively. Working good now.

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