Automatically open/close garage using Linear GD00Z-4

I installed and paired the GD00Z-4 to my ST hub with no issues today. The app updates status and manually controls the door perfectly. However, when I attempt to use one of the actions such as ‘Automatically open when someone arrives’, the app will not let me designate the GD00Z-4 as a relay. Is there a workaround for this or a planned update to address?

Howdy Baccula, I think you may need to update the app to support your device. It sounds like you are new here, but I am currently limited in time to assist.

Look under the search function for how to use the IDE. This should get you started. Many developers have already designed applications etc, that might work for you. You have to sign up to be a developer to use the IDE. The IDE is located at

Here is my Recipe for a Z-Wave ST Secured and Automated Garage Door:

Items needed:

  1. GE Z-Wave Fluorescent Light & Appliance Module 45603
  2. LINEAR FS20Z-1 Z-Wave 20-Amp Fixture Mount Control
  3. SmartSense Multi sensor
  4. Shielded computer cable (strip the 3-wires)
  5. Old fashion garage door clicker which you already have!
  6. Solder and Soldering Iron.
  7. ST app on your phone.


  1. Strip one end of the computer power cable (the end which is not used to connect to the wall).
    a. Wight/Black/Green
  2. Connect Wight/Black/Green wires from the LINEAR FS20Z-1 device to the striped wire ends on the power cable.
  3. Solder the connected wires from Step 2 together with the soldering iron.
  4. Connect and solder the 2 blew wires to the circuit board of the clicker connection of the button.
  5. Use wire nuts or electric tape in order to cover exposed wire ends.
  6. Connect the power cable to the outlet and pair the LINEAR FS20Z-1 Z-wave relay.
  7. Pair with the ST Hub and test to see if it activates the garage door.
  8. Connect the GE Z-Wave Light & Appliance Module between the garage power cable and the line.
    a. Make certain to connect the garage door to the Z-wave outlet side of the module.
  9. Pair the GE Z-Wave Light & Appliance Module with the ST Hub.
  10. Attach the SmartSense Multi to the garage door.
  11. Open the ST app and setup with one of the two methods:
    a. Use the Smart Sense presence Sensors
    i. When someone with a presence sensor comes home turn on
  1. GE light & appliance module
  2. LENIER Z-wave relay.
    b. Use one of your “Hello Home” actions:
    i. When the house is in “I’m Back” mode turn on:
  3. GE light & appliance module
  4. LENIER Z-wave relay.
  1. Setup an “Alert” in the ST app using the “Valuables” option to alert you if the sensor is opened.
    a. Optional: Trigger the Siren.

Test it out and your garage door will magically open for you!
I will post some photos later on to demonstrate how it worked for me.
In my opinion, this is the most secure way to protect and automate your garage door.

Me too same issue, it doesn’t detect it as a relay to open the garage through apps (through the independent control works great).

Let me know if anyone knows how I can go about fixing this in the device type (custom device type?) or if an updated version of the smartapp is required. Any pointers here would be greatly appreciated.


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This device isn’t fully supported yet. As you noticed, It still needs to be integrated into the garage door use case, which is heavily tied to relays currently.

In the mean time, you can use this old-style SmartApp:


Thanks Duncan I’ll check it out!

Okay I’ve solved the issue with 2 different ways,

  1. Custom Device type which allows control through Door/locks by exposing Swtich capabilities
  2. Smart App to Open/Close any garage door (including this one) when someone arrives/leaves

More details here:

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