Linear/GoControl GD00Z-4 garage door sim switch operation after using physical buttons?

I can get my garage door to open using a simulated switch that set to run routines via “Switch Activates Home Phrase”. If I do everything via the app all will be ok. If I ever use my physical garage door transmitter, the simulated switch will not “sync” to the physical garage door state.

I’ve looked at various SmartApps including Virtual Device Sync and Button Runs Routine.

Virtual Device Sync doesn’t show my garage door as a physical switch, so I haven’t gotten anywhere with that.

For Button Runs Routine I set up a simulated momentary button, but I don’t see how I can use this as a toggle.

Any suggestions?

Not sure what you mean, is this the GD00Z-4? What DTH are you using? Stock?

I used the stock DTH for my GD00Z-4, with nothing else and it works just fine, tilt sensor as well. I frequently use my wall button with no issues and the tilt sensor keeps in sync.

If the the GD00Z-4 gets unplugged or loses power at any point, you usually need to open/close the door at least once to sync it up. Until then, it won’t work remotely.

I say all this but it looks like within the last week or so mine has gone toast. When I trigger it to open or close, it beeps and flashes as normal but then nothing happens, going to try and reach out to Linear/GoControl and see what’s up as it’s less than a year old.

Yes GD00Z-4. (I updated the thread title to be more descriptive) Is DHT the tilt sensor? Not sure what DHT is. I use what came with the GD00Z-4.

So you are able to hit the wall button, and your “simulated switch” changes state in your ST app? The reason I have a “simulated switch” is to control from IFTTT.

Here is a pic. The Z-Wave device changes state, but I want the Garge SimSwitch to follow. I just opened the garage with the wall switch, and the SimSwitch stayed off.

Hmm, I just figured out that Routines look like they can change a switch based on an event like door opening/closing. The UI seems very bad for all this. I’ll that that when I get home.

So setting up 2 extra Routines that changed the simulated/virtual switch when the garage door opens/closes fixed this issue for me.