Nest cam and Samsung with V2 hub

I was wondering if anyone knew if the Samsung video camera would work better then the nest camera with SmartThings V2 hub? Was looking at both of them at bestbuy and the Samsung was to large then I wanted it to be.

Nest cams are not supported as yet in ST land.

Is there talk nest working with SmartThings in the future or is it just rumor ?

Seriously, no clue my friend! Even I am stuck with 2 dropcams and 2 nest cameras and using their native app.

I wish I could see how the supported cameras worked. I have several dropcams and for now I am using the photo burst app. All of the supported cameras get mediocre reviews

I love to know if anyone is using the Samsung and if they like it?

Yes, I’m using the supported Samsung SmartCam and it does work really well. The integration with the Smart Home Monitor is great, it records video when the alarm is triggered, I think its 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after. The video quality is good, and it also has other features when using the SmartCam app such as two way voice, playing pre-recorded clips, etc.

My only complaint is that the outdoor version is not officially supported yet, so I’m waiting to buy one of those to replace my Foscam.

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