Samsung Smart Washer Notifications via WebCoRE

I have a Samsung smart washing machine (WA54M8750AV if anyone cares). Getting it added to ST was a bit of a pain (and Samsung Home’s app is terrible) but eventually I was able to get it visible on the network. The plan was to use some webCoRE rules with multi-indictator lights. I already have the light turn blue when the mail comes, and turn yellow when someone left the gate open; I want to add a rule to make it turn green when the laundry’s done.

The problem is allowing webCoRE to have visiblity to the washer status. I can add the device and see the following properties:

Rub is, “session status” always says “run” no matter whether the washer is actually doing anything. “Time remaining” does at least change, but it’s set to a high value when the washer is done (something like 63) and gradually lowers as it runs. I could in theory decide that when it jumps up that means the washer is done, but that’s not very reliable as a signal, and certainly can’t distinguish between “washer is stopped because of off-balance spin” and “washer has completed successfully.”

This seems to be a property of the device itself, since the session state also always reports as “Run” in the device page:

This is using the default DTH; if there’s a better/custom one I’m unaware of it.

What’s annoying is that the integration via IFTTT works fine, so the most reliable method I’ve found is to have an IFTTT applet which notices when the washer is finished, then turns on a simulated swich called “washerdone”, and then that switch is used to trigger the indicator light. That works but seems clumsy, and means we now have 3 different cloud services that have to be up and working.

Has anyone found a better way? Is there a custom DTH for Samsung washers that does a better job? Tx!

What about operationProgress?
Is that always Wash, even when it is no longer running?

It doesn’t fix your problem, but you could take one step out by having your IFTTT trigger the piston directly with a webhook.

operationProgress is more useful, but it seems to go in an odd cycle at the end of the cycle, changing from “Spin” to “Run” to “Finish” and back to “Run”. But at least it’s something to go on, tx.

@MarcVH: How did you get the washer visible on the network. It worked for me very well for the last year, but now it stopped and I can’t get it connected to ST again. Samsung Home app is working fine.

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