Confirm Compatibility - SmartThings Washer/Dryer

(MacTechGenius) #1

I just ordered the:

Samsung FlexWash 6-cu ft High Efficiency Front-Load Washer - WV60M9900AV
Samsung FlexDry 7.5-cu ft Gas Dryer - DVG60M9900V

Can someone confirm if this is compatible with SmartThings? If so, will it work on the classic app?
Also - do I need the Samsung USB dongle? Does it connect over Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

(jkp) #2

No, they will not work from the Classic app. If they are compatible, you would need the Samsung Connect app.

(MacTechGenius) #3

Do any of them work with the classic app?

(jkp) #4

Samsung TVs and appliances only work in the Samsung Connect app.

(MacTechGenius) #5

If I pair it with the connect app - can I use it with the classic app?

Any problems with using the classic and new app simultaneously? So use the new app (with the same account) for the washer/dryer and use the old app for everything else?

(jkp) #6


you can use both apps with the same samsung account.

yes, that is correct.

Do you have a smartthings or samsung account - that is the question?

(MacTechGenius) #7

I upgraded to a Samsung account.

(jkp) #8

time for you to install the samsung connect app and get familiar with it :slight_smile:

(MacTechGenius) #9

I won’t mind as long it doesn’t migrate my account and makes my classic app stop working lol