Samsung Smart TV, android tv or chromecast

Understood! Thanks @Benji!

As for the Harmony trick… @a4refillpad! It works in 7 seconds! Amazing! Thanks!


You’re welcome but please share on the forum what your issue was with regards the error. This is so that others who read this thread in the future and encounter the same issue will know what to do.


Actually… I’m not sure what exactly fixed it… what I did was I setup a first piston in CoRE… it didn’t work at first… then I clicked the virtual button twice… to turn it on and off… then I went over the configuration in both Harmony and ST and when I tried it… it just worked! suddenly… it went from not working one second, to fully working all the time in any further pistons I created!

Most likely this. Harmony checks for the state before and after adding into the activity. As your screenshot showed it had no state until you initialised it by turning it on and off.

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