Samsung Smart Things Text Notifications Not Working

Hello Community. I am not receiving Text Notifications on my IOS device from SmartThings

  1. Located in the US - Opted in for Text Notifications
  2. IOS 14.4, Created Automation to show when the door opened in Samsung Smarthings App
  3. Added US phone number for the “THEN” Statement (shows the number added with a red circle with a white line through middle) but “SAVE” button is grayed out.

Can’t find any solutions that work in the community. Looking for potential solutions

Contact Open/Close sounds easy enough, I assume for (3) you are stating that the number has been successfully added, and its not the problem, the problem is automation not running.

  1. Have you ever had SMS notification working? Or this is the first time. How long ago did you perform (1)?
  2. I’m asking the obvious, but on the Automation List page, the Enable toggle (grey=disable, blue=enabled) is in fact Enabled right?

Like a No Entry road sign? That doesn’t sound good.

I can’t tell if you don’t receive texts or can’t set them up to start with.

  1. Yes the Automations were working before and stopped about a month ago. I performed #1 yesterday
  2. Yes the Enable Toggle was enabled.

Yes. Exactly, like a No Entry Sign.
If shows the number added, but you can’t press the “SAVE” in the upper right corner, so maybe it is not setting it up properly. I am not receiving any texts.

A phone number is added by:

  1. Enter the number
  2. Press the (+) to its right
  3. A Number Bubble appears below with a red/white (-) to its right
  4. Click ‘Save’ at the upper right corner of the screen

If you then go back to SMS notification screen again. You will see:
5. A Number Bubble with a red/white (-) to its right
6. The ‘Save’ option on the upper right corner is grayed out, not clickable.

When you say ‘Save’ option is not available, do you mean step 4 or 6?