Smartthings text messages

My water leak sensor were setup to send me a text message when a leak was detected. Now I see that it does not do that any more. My phone number is still listed but there are three small dots next to it and when clicked, there is a message that says “ This recipient hasn’t responded to or
declined the request to agree to
receive text messages from
SmartThings. This recipient won’t get
any text messages until they agree.” Anyone know how I can get it to send me text messages again? I tried to remove and reset the phone number but same issue.

Users with US phone numbers can text YES to 844-647 to opt in.


Does this mean that SMS messages will be supported on the new platform? Is that something that needs to be included in an Edge driver, or somewhere else?

Awesome thanks!

Nothing needs to be done. SMS will continue to work for those in US

Sorry to be so dense about this, but does that mean it will be a selectable result for an event in automations, or will custom rules need to be created?

Routines or STHM