Connecting my Samsung UH7200 TV to a hub


(Mark) #1

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked, ive been through so many threads and google pages but find an answer.

I have a Samsung UH7200 TV, and was thinking of buying the Amazon Echo as it states in can control things (i want to get Nest as as well as Hue lightbulbs as well.

but its my TV, will this connect ? I’ve seen threads about a smartthings hub (but cant see TV listed that connect ?

So i guess in short will my TV connect to Echo/ Smart things ?

thanks for you help

(Robin) #2

What year was your TV made?

(Mark) #3

looks like 2014/15 its a series 7 Samsung Curved Smart TV

(Robin) #4

The 2016 models will (eventually) be connectable via an ‘extend’ dongle, but for older models you’re out of luck.

Best option for you is to get a Logitech Harmony hub and remote, will integrate directly with Echo.

(Cmin Tang) #5

You may refer link below

Under Product information, look for the 14-character Model Code. If the 5th and 6th characters in the code are “KU” or “KS” followed by the number “6” or above, then your Samsung TV is compatible and can be connected to your SmartThings Hub as a Thing!