Samsung Smart Plug (2019) & SmartThings Energy

Recently discovered SmartThings Energy, and wanted to utilise the current Samsung Smart Plugs we have within SmartThings Energy, but, they don’t show up as compatible devices within SmartThings Energy.

I don’t understand why, as within the Smart Plug, it shows some energy consumption and power meter info, so would naturally assume this would feed into the Energy application, no?

Or, am I doing something wrong, and this Smart Plug should work with SmartThings Energy?


Unfortunately SmartThings Energy only works with Samsung appliances. Why this limitation, who knows…


Thanks @Automated_House, that makes sense. Real pity, though.

Quote from the Samsung Website;

Support 2021 models of Samsung air conditioner, washer, dryer, dishwasher, air dresser, air purifier, and vacuum cleaner. All Samsung Family Hub 6.0 refrigerators are supported.


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