Energy consumption/meter Dashboard for ST Smart Plug?

Hello everyone! i have been looking for information about how to see all my ST Smart Plugs energy meter or energy consumption in one single dashboard, so i can see how much energy all my devices are using and even a comparison to see which one is using more energy, so we can make further analysis and evaluation on what can be happening, is this possible? do you know a way to do that because the new app “Smartthings Energy” doesn’t support the Samsung Smart Plugs

Smartthings energy is pointless unfortunately, there are lots of devices that record energy details from different manufacturers but the energy app has been deliberately kept to Samsung white goods

Giving users a decent energy display seems to be unimportant even though Samsung shout about there green objectives and saving the climate, in reality, where it counts like an app for users to corralate energy useage and act on the result

In actual fact an energy device is not even needed, if users could add the devices energy draw manually then the ST app could in theory calculate the useage from energy draw x on off time …

The ST app could then be advertised as an energy saving app to save the enviroment… companies love that sort of retaric to grab headlines and users

“Smartthings” as a title might actually mean what it says on the tin


Correction: new/recent Samsung white goods (older ones are incompatible)

Where have they said green? - I haven’t seen any electronics manufacturer being accused of producing endless e-waste with their two years product life cycles…
If any of those 2 years or older devices could be re-purposed after Samsung stops to support them, that would be a nice world for DIY and tinkerers. But have you heard anything new about the Up-cycle program recently? I saw only advertisements to return your old phone when you are buying a new Galaxy S22 and you can get big bucks and thats it. Consumerism…

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Having energy reporting would be a big adder for ST and is something that is sorely missing for the platform. There are two methods I’ve tried for multiple devices, they sort of work, but are of limited usefulness and I’m assuming will go away once the platform update is complete as they both use smart apps- one is the simple device viewer, and the other is the google sheet logging- the device viewer is real-time snap shots only and the google sheet logging is complicated to set up and has other limitations. I think there are some third-party apps that might do some of this as well. Another issue I’ve seen (not sure about the ST plug), but each of the devices that have seem to report the power/energy different both in terms of timing (each second, COV, or a given threshold) and what they report (watt vs Wh vs kW vs kWh). So even if you have all the data together (as in the Google sheet), making use of it is not easy for the reasons above.

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“is it possible”… sure. For a long while I have submetered groups of plugs, by webcore to subtotal multiple plugs in a single tile display for submeter watts. Actually still do, but I will have to find a new method and/or provider if groovy is shuttered.

I suspect I will move all the plugs to a different hub manufacturer and make a quick-and-dirty smartapp.

IF you can get KWH kilowatt-hours from your device(s) then you can periodically take a clipboard note of the current KHW, once a month, and get an excellent realistic average power and real consumption. Obviously that is a infrequent level of detail. To me that is better than instant power readings 5.1 watts, then 5 minutes later 5.2 watts - that is just noise.

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Hello everyone, i have searched for a tutorial to do the extraction of data from the smart plugs in ST, but i haven’t find anything close a tutorial, does anyone here knows how to do it or a solution in order to have a global picture of all devices consumption in ST?

Not exactly, but have a look at this new topic:


Thanks for the info. This isa feature I’ve been looking for!

Drop a message to the topic, and tell it to the author!

I had my ST Energy Smartapp showing data from some generic Zigbee smartplugs, but when I did a migration to edge drivers they disappeared.

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Did you find a solution for that?
My Aqara SmartPlug shows within the EnergyService with the generic/Smartthings Zigbee Switch Edge Driver. MySamsung/ Smartthings-own Outlets won’t, which drives me crazy…

@fido has done some research into this and said elsewhere that only edge drivers that have the WWST official certification can be included in the energy service and that’s not even all smartthings-branded smart plugs yet. But there are a couple of third-party plugs which can be changed to one of the certified drivers and then included. I don’t know any more about it than that, hopefully @fido will post with more details. :thinking:

Can you provide more info about this?
The aqara plug does show up in the energy service.
It would be great if ST provided a list of devices which are enrolled on the energy service.

For what it’s worth, when you list the installed drivers on a hub ({{hubId}}/drivers), there is an isWWST boolean property that tells you if the driver is certified or not. Obviously there won’t be too many surprises there …

For example, this is a Philips Hue driver from the default channel …

    "driverId": "cd898d81-6c27-4d27-a529-dfadc8caae5a",
    "name": "Philips Hue",
    "version": "2023-05-23T18:29:49.565838074",
    "channelId": "15ea8adc-8be7-4ea6-8b51-4155f56dc6cf",
    "developer": "SmartThings",
    "permissions": [],
    "isWWST": true

So, does the WWST certification imply that a plug with energy/power measurement capabilities will always work alongside the energy service?

Thanks for the tip about I’ve been using it for a week and it seems to provide good insight into power use for all devices that send power info to ST. This is really what SmartThings energy should be.

I’m hoping after a month of monitoring from my Aeotec Home Energy monitor the Energy Disaggregation will begin to create new device channels using its algorithm so I can get energy use stats from my HVAC, lift station, pool pump, Samsung stove washer and dryer, LG fridge and other devices and appliances that don’t provide metering data to SmartThings.

Sorry JD, i just dont get notifications for an @ even though the forum is set to notify so had no idea you had mentioned

But there is not much more to add really, even months down the line, the energy app remains… pointless