Energy monitoring with Samsung appliances?

Hi. Bought Samsung fridge with idea smartthings energy will monitor energy consumption. But there is still zero. The same with washing machine. Am I missing something? Do I need smart meter from my electricity provider? If so, it does not make sense to me. I hoped advantage od these samsung devices are you don’t need another device to meter energy, and they can do it on its own.

I have a Samsung fridge and it does show energy usage in the Energy “app” on the Life tab in the ST app. What country are you located in? I’m in the USA, but I know there are regional restrictions on other ST capabilities which could be your issue.

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Not to me. I am in the Czech Republic (central Europe). I didn’t suppose it has something to do with a location you are in but maybe you are right. But it is strange then. I see no reason not to show energy usage when you have a device capable of showing it and smartthings app together…

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When it was first introduced, “smartthings energy” information Was only available for accounts located in South Korea, the US, and the UK. Since then, they have added a few more countries, I believe, including France, but I’m not 100% sure on that. It’s definitely not all of the EU, though. :thinking:

Currently, the official page says:

SmartThings Energy service availability varies by country, region, or device.

Connect your home with Samsung SmartThings | Samsung USA

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So, any conclusion?

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