Samsung Smart locks

(VMF) #1

I am thinking of getting this kind of lock

not sure at this point if its compatible with smart hub2. they are from the same brand but then again:)
does anyone know if its compatible or will be compatbile?

(VMF) #2

nevermind, didnt read the description right, its rfid only.
overall, the amount of locks is pretty small, any plans on increasing the selection anytime soon?


Samsung makes truly beautiful locks but at the moment, none of them are compatible with SmartThings.

Also remember that not all smart locks are networked locks. I believe the particular model you link to is smart in the sense that it can recognize fingerprints, but it is not networked, meaning that you cannot be at your office and send a command to unlock the lock for someone standing at your door.

Right now, smartthings works best with locks using zwave communications. And only works with networked locks.

For a list of the models currently certified to work with smart things, see the official “works with smartthings” compatibility list. Be aware, however, that being on that list just means you can do a basic lock and unlock function. It does not necessarily mean that you can use smartthings to do advanced functions like set up schedules for individual users.

If there is a tiny letter “I” on the product listing on the compatibility list, make sure you read those notes.

There has been a lot of talk about additional locks in the future, but no specific timelines.

(Ben Edwards) #4

We are pretty much compatible with Samsung’s ZigBee locks, however the big rub there is they aren’t really selling them, at least in the US. Would love to see them soon. They even have built in contact sensors which I always thought should be a part of all smart locks.

(VMF) #5

Thank you for your replies !
any plans for kwikset 916 series locks to become compatible?

(Amauri Viguera) #6

I wonder if we can just grab a zigbee device in Korea or wherever they’re sold and plug it in. Assuming of course we can read the instructions :smile:

Samsung makes some really visually appealing stuff, so it would be interesting to see what could be used stateside

(VMF) #7

indeed:) I am looking at this lock: SHN-WDD510, it is confusing if its supports zigbee or not, according to the zigbee site it does, but i cant find a normal manual for it. Cant find it for sale anywhere either:(


Of course one of the reason the Samsung smart locks are visually so appealing is that most of them are RFID, they don’t have to contend with the big antenna box, or having to fit four AA batteries in there, which is what generally makes zwave locks so boxy. :wink:

(Amauri Viguera) #9

I will gladly mount 4 lead acid batteries to my front door for one of those locks, but my wife might not agree :slight_smile:

(Eduardo Veras) #10

Ben, canyou tell me te exact modelo you are talking about/is compatible? I will try to get one from the far lands(Asia)

(James) #11

anyone managed to make samsung lock SHN-WDD510 to work with smartthings v2?