Samsung Smart Fridge/Family Hub/RS68N8941SL


I’m new to this ST world and recently got hold of a Samsung Smart Fridge (RS68N8941SL). Using the Samsung ST app, there is a pretty crappy selection of automation available (set temperature etc…) which is not very useful to me. What I’d really like to do is know when the door is open/closed, or when the ice maker is dispensing. The fridge sends the ST app alerts to say that the door has been left open - but I can’t see any option to build your own automations based on the door status. I’ve also tried the ST classic app too - which shows the door open/closed status in the logs, but again can’t work out how to create any rules/automations around it.

I’ve also just read this: - be interested if they upgrade the software on the older devices, or just abandon them…

Any tips appreciated!


Since the new app was released, the appliances only work with it, not with classic. And most of the community members here are still using classic. So hopefully someone will have an answer for you, but you may not get too many responses.

This forum was started a few years ago for customers with the Samsung smartthings home automation hub to help other customers. Most of the discussion is around those devices. It’s not an official support channel.

There’s a separate forum over at Samsung with a section dedicated to the family hub which has official employee participants and can usually get you answers about appliances and televisions a lot faster. So you might check over there as well.

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Thanks for pointing me at this - if anyone is interested in what the response to this is, I’ve posted the same question here:

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Figured it out:


So what was the solution? :sunglasses:

It involved a few things…

  • SmartApp
  • Azure Function
  • Spotify API
  • Spotify Premium

I initially tried down the Triggercmd route (automating Spotify client) - but there were a few challenges:

  • Slow/latency
  • Required a PC
  • Unreliable (using Sendkeys… flakey)

Should also say, I’m a software engineer - this isn’t for a the casual reader :slight_smile:

I’ll do a full writeup soon…

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Why are developers always so slow to provide their proof of concept methodology;) LOL just kidding. Any chance you could provide that write up? Thanks a lot!

Hi Chris,

Ok, I’ve done a write-up. Take a look at this:

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Awesome, Thanks!!!