Need Help with Family Hub fridge

Sorry if I didn’t post this in the right place. I an not getting door open notifications on my phone. My fridge is connected. I can see inside and diagnostics say everything is fine. The fridge alarms when the door is left open but no notification sent to my phone. I reinstalled the app, deleted and re-added the fridge and still nothing. Can anyone help?

For help with Samsung appliances, you want to go here:

This site is for help with Home Automation devices connected through the Samsung SmartThings hub.

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Well the fridge is connected to ST with a native ST device handler. I think this is appropriate, sorry.

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Which app are you using? Family hub or the new SmartThings app?

I don’t have a Samsung Refrigerator. I am directing you to the same place that everyone with a problem with a Samsung refrigerator has been directed to by very knowledgeable folks up here on the forum. This is a community based forum. The one I directed you to is staffed by Samsung employees that can help you. And if you’ll notice, no one else has jumped in here to help you, have they? So, the choice is yours. If you want help, go there. If not, best of luck.

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I am using both apps

I have notifications turned off on the new SmartThings app so I don’t know if it provides notifications. I know it reports when the door is open to SmartThings , so perhaps you can use web core to send a notification when the door is open for a certain amount of time. Sensor was under contact/refrigerator…

Or you could use the smart app “something is left open’, which is under energy management…