Samsung QN800A 2021 TV - SmartThings App

I’ve had the QN800A since 2021 and it has the SmartThings app available on the TV. When I got the TV I looked at the app and it was a bit poor but it showed the map of my ST devices and rooms. I hope this would improve and looked at it periodically to see if there were any changes. I hadn’t looked at it for a while but when I looked recently it now seems to only show my Samsung phone and the Bluetooth devices connected to it (headphones etc). It no longer shows the hub devices from my st hub. Anyone else have this tv and this issue?

I have a bad feeling it’s been desupported by Samsung. If that’s the case I’m somewhat miffed. This was an expensive 8k tv, probably on sale till mid 2022 I’d expect support to continue more than 20 months.

There were some changes to ST being supported on TVs announced recently, but I’m having troubling finding that info. I’ll follow up if I find it.