Samsung Powerbot Vacuum 9350 - Schedule a room to clean, not entire house

I’m not sure if anyone has worked with this or not… but i’m not finding much help.

I know I can schedule it to ‘auto clean’ at a certain time both within the ROBOT VC ‘Thing’ as well as an automation. The problem is, it cleans everything.

I have mapped two portions of the house and labeled the rooms. I’m trying to have it clean the front part of the house at night, while the baby is sleeping (3 rooms, 1 floor plan). Then during the early morning when the baby is up, it would come out and do the back side of the house (5 rooms, 1 floor plan).

So auto cleaning at night will make it go everywhere. The only thing I have read is you can manually do a ‘Select & Go’ which allows me to do this. But it is done manually. I wanted to automate that piece do run a few days a week at certain times.

Has anyone come across anything custom to do this? I was checking IFTTT and it just allows full cleans there too.

Any help would be really appreciated. I’m not trying to wake the sleeping baby!

I am guessing not. Is there anyway to look at the commands sent ‘behind the scenes’ with the ‘driver’ for the vacuum? I can probably take that and re-create as something that can be timed.

This forum is a peer to peer community which originally started just for the smartthings home automation hub.

You can probably get better help with the vacuum in the Samsung support forum, which has employee helpers as well as other customers. At least it might be worth a try.