Samsung Power Outlet

Had a Smartthings power outlet go wrong on me this weekend.

Its used to control my tumble dryer (economy10 heating, so I only operate during off-peak) and noticed that it didn’t come on this weekend.

There had been some mini fire inside the device and one of the non-earth prongs had virtually welded itself stuck inside.

Took a large screwdriver and brute force to remove the 13A appliance plug from the Smarthings sockets.

Tumble dryer works fine, so obviously a problem with the power outlet - could have started as fire, as it was all burnt…

How reliable are these things, and can I get a replacement ??

What wattage is your tumble dryer? Personally I would avoid using pocket sockets for such a high wattage appliance, but the ST website suggest that the socket should take a full 13amp load.

The only other thing it could be, I have seen suggestions that the pocket socket terminals seem deeper than normal, so I wonder, given what you said regarding needing the brute force it apart, that it could have been poor internal contact which has resulted in arcing, thus overheating and melting.

I would be in contact with support in the first instance. They maybe interested in this particular fail type to investigate further. Your next port of call would be to go back to where you purchased it from and attempt to claim a replacement. These things come with a 12 month warranty.

I have one myself, but only putting at most 20watts through it (to control a LED light strip) so a lot lower than a 2/3000 watt dryer! So far, had no issues.

Contact They’ll get a warranty replacement processed ASAP.