Samsung Multi puporpse sensor + SmartTiles

I have 2 Samsung Multi purpose sensor installed at home and I added then to my Smart Tiles Dashboard. When I open my door it takes about 25 seconds to refresh the Smart Tiles dashboard, anyway I can set to refresh immediately.

I tried using IPAD, Surface and Chrome on OSX and they all have the same response

Unfortunately no, SmartTiles 5 has up to 30 second delay to refresh status of devices.

SmartTiles 6 (a work in progress) supports real time status updates.

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Thank you for the quick response. Do you have an idea when Smart Tiles 6 will be released?

Officially… “no comment”.

It’s looking good, but we don’t want to promise a release estimate that could keep slipping, and slipping … like various Kickstarter projects! :speak_no_evil:

what is they buy i cost to get beta?

Donations are very appreciated, but not a requirement for Beta participation.

Our donations list just happens to be a good source for Beta Participant invites.