SmarTtiles delay?

Not a big deal but wanted to make sure it’s not something I can correct. In smarttiles I notice about a 10-11 second delay when I open/close doors with a smartthings sensor attached. In smartthings, it’s instant.

Is there a way to adjust a setting for this or is it just because the signal has to go through smartthings app first?

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###There’s a great way to make it essentially instantaneous! (Well… 300ms to 2000ms roughly):

Upgrade to V6… “ActionTiles”.

Coming very soon (it’s in final Beta stages). Complete rewrite and one major feature is the architecture has changed so updates are immediate.


Thanks. So, will android tell me there’s an update or will this be a new download?

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Completely new web-based App.

We’ll try to directly notify v5.8 users, but encourage you to follow our social networking options listed at