Anything new on the KU7000 and Smarthub v2

Hi guys,

First post here and just dipping my toe into the world of automation. I have a 2016 KU7000 and Amazon Dot, and was wondering if I could get them to integrate. That directed to a few threads on here from last year and was wondering if there was an update :

Will the Smartthings see the KU7000 as a Thing, and be cable to be the bridge between the Amazon Dot and the KU7000? I’ve come to realise that the USB that Samsung spoke about fizzled away …

Even if this is basic functionality (ie power on/off TV), I’d be happy - but there seems to many contradicting reviews. For one, some talk about 2016 KS7xxx models only … not KU7xxx ?


I have the 2016 KU6400 have added it as a ‘thing’ in SmartThings app. It is pretty limited though, I can turn on, off, change volume and mute. But it works. I recall Samsung saying it will only work on the KU and KS models of the 2016 TVs. So it sounds like yours should work too.

The bad news is that the thing is not discoverable by Alexa. At least not for me. But I asked SmartThings support, and they said its because its not a ‘switch’ or ‘light’. Hopefully, they will address this in the coming updates.

There are other ways though, via Harmony Hub or Yonomi.