Samsung KU6300 and Smartthings

Hi… The KU6300 can be used with Smartthings as a Device but my Smartthings app does not see it…

is that functionality out yet? i am in the US With the 50KU6300 Model.


Would like to know the same thing. I have the UN70KU6300 and saw that there was a TizenOS app for SmartThings. I know only the 7 series and up can use the new SmartThings dongle for the TV, but can the 6 series use the app with an external hub? It would be great to have that functionality built into TizenOS like HomeKit is for iOS.

From what I was told from SmartThings… the 2016 UHDtvs such as (KU6300) will act as a “thing/device” in SmartThings on a external hub the series 7 and up tvs with SUHD will use the SmartThings extended USB which will put the hub in those TVs.

So we won’t get access to the app I guess. Did they say what functions would be accessible in SmartThings?

If you go to the SmartThings IDE, you can manually add a Samsung 2016 (or 2015) Smart TV, and it will appear in the app; however I can’t get it to connect. It seems the exposed controls are volume as a slider, mute, access to picture settings, and soundmode. Working on connecting it still.

I have UN50KU6300 that I got to work for a while, but after a restart its IP changed and I deleted from the Smartthings list of things before to add it again.
Impossible to set it up again.
Any luck since December?

Was told months ago that a firmware update broke compatibility. That started with version 1203. Now on 1207 and the issue has never been resolved.