Quirky and ST

I’ve been seeing so many new devices from Quirky that are supported by Wink Hub, and new software updates that are making Wink a lot better.

What is going on w/ ST? I understand after the acquisition the huge push to integrate and be ready for Samsung user conference, but is there a plan forward? The silence is deafening…

Can we get even a vague road map? Hub 2.0 in Q2 of 2015, Q1 focus on integration of Wifi network devices or something.

I’ve been hearing that the Spotter is coming back to SmartThings lab soon, and Sonos and Wemo have been in the ST lab for coming up on a year. Is the plan to move them to officially support? Are they always going to be in the lab?

Some type of plan for where things are going, and what and when we can expect things. I have a lot of people waiting to buy ST to see if they were going to have something new for the holidays, or if they are staying around after the Samsung acquisition. I don’t want ST to reveal secrets so competitors can get ahead, but the relative silence from ST in the last 4 months is troubling. Just a few app updates, and nothing major. I listen to the developer web meetings, and there are people saying (oh that will probably be in the next update, or that will be coming soon.)

ANY INFORMATION at all will be helpful… It could be as simple as (ST update end of Dec, fixing bugs) … or … (Q1 2015 - Platform updates to support multiple types of ST users) … just something.

When investing in a platform, that I have to rely on to do day to day tasks in my home it is very troubling to not get much information about the future of the product, platform or team.

Please some information… thank you.


I am looking for this information as well. It really seems to me that the competitors are pulling out all the stops, and starting to look a lot better.

I’ll add my 2 cents in here…

I’m frustrated too. I’ve asked and asked about the original smartoutlet that came with the backer kits on Kickstarter to be able to report electricity usage. You can see here: SmartPower Outlet to meter enegy usage
We have been told so many times that that would work and that it was waiting on QA…never happened.
I have asked so many times about the integration that @wackware did with the Quirky Nimbus. They said it was waitin gon QA…that was submitted around April some time. Still not available for us. Quirky Nimbus

I’m also frustrated with how fast other things like Quirky are working with the MyQ garage door openers, Honeywell thermostats, Nest, etc.

I have no interest in leaving SmartThings, but if this continues along with the instability of the whole platform I might be looking for another option.

Sorry for the rant…

I am putting it out there that 2015 will prove us to be much transparent with our roadmap. We want you all on this trip with us.

Add me to the list that is getting frustrated, not even thinking of leaving ST at this point. I do hope 2015 brings many new innovations and promises kept from ST.

I truly hope so Ben. I know it is tough and exciting going for an acquisition, but I know how hard it is to keep a companies identity as well. I’m hoping the initial changes and have happened and we see some good progress. My biggest fear is that ST loses momentum and the community leaves to another platform.