Samsung turning Smarthings into the greatest abortion!

What the hell is going on with Smartthings? It used to be a simple to use system that was also very easy to change devices if they went bad. Now it seems with every step they take they are destroying it everyway possible. Like on a PC why do you need two apps to access Smartthings. Why have they made it for the Smarthings device webpages impossible to find?

I.e. Where is the webpage where up until recently you could see your devices, change edge drivers, see device list with info for local, cloud, online, offline etc?

They have so many driver issues. Like still no support for Alloy Temp / Humidity sensors. Why? I have numerous water leak sensors, half of them work fine, half of them are constantly offline even though they have new batteries and work fine, why?

Samsung have turned the almost great Smartthings into a headache for the techies, so for others it would be a nightmare. They created a giant abortion using the most surgical clothes hangers for nothing less than greed and profit. And for those who claim they do not make money and Smarthings is free, they make a ton of money selling your data as they track everything we do. Well Smartthings management, I hope Karma naturally or legally bites your a$$es.

Oh and lawyers advice, I am recording this on video as it is being posted, as I know someone is going to block it as they do not like ones freedom of speech.


Thank you. I wish they would have made it easier to find.

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Another example to the issues was a few minutes ago. I got home from the store, put the security mode to home, and I was about to open the front door the siren went off. I turned it off and then looked to see what triggered it. But nothing reported with the home monitoring. No sensors were triggered. I checked the Siren and it did not show any history. So then I checked the history for the whole system (83 devices) and it is blank, nothing recorded or displayed at all. I then check Alexa app and seen if a voice command or she triggered the siren, but nothing on that either. Things like this are a big issue.