An Open Letter to SmartThings and their Overlords

This is not a triumphant departure to another platform post. (Although I reserve judgment to make that switch if things don’t improve soon).

For the last 2+ years, I have been a loyal and avid supporter of SmartThings. It has a wealth and diversity of users and solutions which has been unparalleled until recently. The original concept and ability to pull different things together, along with Webcore, Action tiles, and other Smart Apps has made SmartThings an amazing HA platform.

I am a small business owner and appreciate how important customer loyalty is to any Brand. I also understand the need for progress. But why oh why are you alienating so much of your customer base!

I can understand targeting customers who want a simple solution that just works without fiddling around.

But if this was the case why Is the new software such a disaster!

I am not opposed to the new software but you have had ample time to fully Beta test it and ensure all the features work as intended and avoid many of the stupid pitfalls we are now seeing. Such as flaky phone presence sensors, device handlers falling over, Webcore falling over (yes, I know this has a solution now), people having to rewrite so much of their hard work. If you add this to the slow response of the new software the whole customer experience has turned negative.

Maybe Samsung wants to ditch all us, early adopters, in pursuit of what they see as a bigger market along with an obvious cost-saving at SmartThings support.

But please bear in mind as SmartThings is virtually free and provided me with what I needed; I have been loyal to Samsung to the extent we have 5* Galaxy Phones, 3* 4k TV’s, Fridge Freezer, Washing Machine, and Tumble Dryer all SAMSUNG products. If my loyalty to SmartThings evaporates, so does my loyalty to Samsung which is a much bigger problem for them!

Yours sincerely.

Neil Vass


I think that Samsung lost interest for Smartthings and tend to have one system as much as possible reliable that needs less and less technicals, support, money …
Probably those who pass to another HA do they a favor …

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100 percent, yes. Whilst the enthusiastic support staff who frequent the forums are clearly left firefighting.

Can’t agree with your sentiment more. I’ve been using Smartthings for a long time, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. Latest is their new App, which is truly miserable, and a bit step backwards for no foreseeable gain. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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Same view here…just yesterday when I was battling with something related to this new app, I started thinking, what a big mess, and I wish I never even got involved with Smartthings and wonder if one day I should start reverting everything back to manual switches etc.

If one day I come under a bus, no one in my house will be willing to take on this forever ongoing one sided battle to just keep things working…i already feel exhausted myself! :frowning:

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