Cannot connect my Cooktop to the Smarthings app after deleting it

I cannot reconnect my Samsung cooktop after I have deleted it from the Smarthings App. I followed the instructions and tried thousand times but I always receive the error “something went wrong”. I’ve already reinstalled the app, turn off the cooktop, the phone, the router, everything. Nothing. I also don’t have anymore the QR code of course since it got removed after cleaning. WiFi is on in the cooktop and I can see it and connect it via my phone. I have also set a manual ip, set manual dns (google ones), still the device cannot be added to the Smarthings App. Really don’t know how to fix that. If someone has an idea I’d be grateful. Thank you!

I attach the screenshot of the error.

The model of the cooktop is: NZ64B5066KK

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not sure if your turn off of the cooktop meant the following but the one option I can think of - try a hard reset of your Cooktop - flip the power breaker off for 60 seconds to perform the hard reset but consult your user manual first to ensure that is the proper method for your appliance.

I’ve done it. Nothing. Always the same error. What to do?

Best advice at this point is to contact Samsung Support and see if they can offer a solution.